My Home QTH,

is located approximately 70 kilometers north of Dresden on the Elbe in Locator JO61OI. Here in Strehla was the first contact between American and Soviet troops in the Second World War, April 25, 1945, more info here and here.

You can find out more about my Home QTH here (only in German): Strehla an der Elbe

Also look at Wikipedia, but the english site is not so informative: Strehla at Wikipedia

Important is that there is a castle in Strehla, which is also listed in the “COTA Castle on the Air” list and I in accordance with the rules “COTA 500m radius” from the castle live. I forgive the following numbers for COTA diplomas.

COTA SAX-025 and WCA-NR DL-01131

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Castle Strehla COTA Saxonia
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Schloß von Strehla Castle of Strehla

Castle of Strehla